Creative Director
Animation film maker
Creative management, supervision
Projection Mapping, Holograms, new tech
Interactive content

Motion design

Compositing / editing

Hello I'm Rémy BUSSON,
a French Creative Director.

I has been interested in animation since I were a kid. At 16 I started

working in television production to hone my craft in motion design, production and

design, eventually taking my skills to Supinfocom to study animation.

In 2012, I joined a major French publisher group to develop creatively their new interactive tablet books for children, collaborating with number of illustrators in France and in the world.
In 2015, I decided to refocus completely on animation film directing and moved to Tokyo.
Since few years, I primarily focus on directing projects involving new technologies: multimedia, new interactive products, projection mapping...


Soon an award-winning animation Director and Art director, my work got the 2nd Grand prize at the DMM Holographic VR theater contest 2016, Silver prize for Art Direction at

Brisbane Advertising and Design Club awards. My short animation films were featured in more than 20 festival worldwide.


My specialty: directing audiovisual projects involving stunning visual and storytelling dimension, coordinating developers, 2D animation and 3D computer graphic teams.

Rémy Busson



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